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Volumen 9 No. 2 - Octubre 2009

The Neuropsychology in Bolivia
Ninoska Ocampo Barba
The Bolivian Neurological Society was founded in La Paz, (the political capital) October 15. 1995, as a result of a series of preliminary organizational meetings started and led by Dr. Rene Calderón Soria in 1993. Calderón is a renowned scientist, who in the 60ies founded Bolivias National Institute of Child Development. In the 70's, he initiated the country´s first psychology course at the Bolivian Catholic University and in the 80's Calderon was also the founder of a psychology degree program in the country's main college of social sciences at the University Mayor de San Andrés-La Paz. On the next lines, I will present the most important accomplishments of the Bolivian Neuropsychological Society (SNpB) and take a chance on writing the first paragraphs of what will become a future project of investigation for the our society: "The history of Neuropsychology in Bolivia".
Neuropsychology, History, Bolivia, Bolivian Neuropsychological Society.

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